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Late Night Transportation Hearing; Round 1


Dear Friends of Nightlife, 


Monday, April 14th at 1:30 pm Supervisor Scott Wiener has called a hearing to discuss late-night transportation issues. This is a first of its kind hearing and there's bound to be many more but it is absolutely imperative that our industry makes a strong showing at this first hearing to demonstrate our support for much needed changes to the way our City looks at late night transportation.  There are many simple changes to existing systems that can be done to enhance safety and convenience of both our patrons and employees and encourage others to stay out later and spend more (not to mention, the more quixotic goal of getting BART to run later, be safer and cleaner). 


The hearing will include representatives from the Municipal Transportation Agency, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Alameda-Contra Costa County Transit District, Transportation Network Companies, the Taxi Industry, the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and the Entertainment Commission and will discuss the City's late-night transportation needs and progress towards developing a Late-Night Transportation Plan, with specific areas of focus, including ease of access, speed, and safety.


Below are some of the main points to be discussed:

-Availability & frequency of transbay transportation

-Availability & frequency of Muni LRV lines (Market Street Tunnel)

-Accessibility to information on Muni OWL lines

-Daytime vs. Nighttime Muni routes

-Transportation available to bar patrons and late night/early morning workers

-Public Safety

There will be public comment so if you have a poignant story, a personal point of view or a great idea, please be prepared to share it. 


Please mark your calendars. The time for action is now!

Land Use and Economic Development Committee

Monday, April 14th


San Francisco City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 263   

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