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Supervisors Campos and Chiu Debate


Wednesday, September 10 at 6pm at the world-famous Fillmore!


Come hear Supervisors David Campos and David Chiu debate their vision of entertainment if elected Assemblyman. 


Really important stuff like: 


  • Affordability:

                Many of SF’s creative class can’t pay the rent.  What have you done and what will you do to help San Franciscans afford to stay?


  • Preservation:

                Iconic venues are being threatened by encroaching developments.  What’s your position about the anti-speculator tax on November’s ballot? Will you author a state Historic Venue Preservation Act?


  • Local Control:

                If elected, what would you do to make sure the ABC respects local control such as our noise ordinance?


Help Save San Francisco Popular Culture!  Let your voice be heard! 


The California Music And Culture Association (CMAC) is an alliance of venue owners, industry professionals, artists, and fans dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of music and culture in the State of California.  Join today!

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